Rewards Program

Welcome To Rewards

How to do I sign up?

If you make a purchase, you are automatically registered.  For those who are new and would like to register first, here are some instructions.

To register from your computer or laptop, click on the "Smile You're Rewarded" Icon at the bottom right-hand side of your computer. 

rewards Program

To register from your phone, click on the "Bag and Heart" Icon at the bottom of your phone.

How do I earn my Rewards?

Every time you shop, refer, even share a post on social media using #JadeCrate or @JadeCrate, you earn points toward boho bucks.   Direct purchase referrals are the best, you earn $5.00 for every confirmed purchase referral.

Do my points expire?  

Yes, unfortunately, we would love to not have them expire, but after 6 months, unused points will expire.  You will receive a notification to redeem your points for boho bucks prior to expiration. 

How do I redeem my points for boho bucks?

Once you are logged into your account from our main menu, when you click on the rewards button, your available rewards and redemptions are available for you to quickly grab and convert to awesome savings.