About Us and Our Brand Promise

About JadeCrate and Our Brand Promise

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If we asked you if you have those moments when, you just wish you could trade in your business suit, maybe take a journey for 10 minutes or longer away from the hustle and bustle of the world, would you consider it? We think you would…

Reward yourself with a JadeCrate monthly subscription offering wellness and organic products to help you become part of the boho-chic and free lifestyle. Your surprise package will give you items to bring into your home and lifestyle, lasting maybe for only for a moment (non-nom edibles) or all month long through fashion accessories, home decor, and much more. You become part of the JadeCrate family.

With JadeCrate your purchase also helps us help fair-trade and other global suppliers and their crafters obtain sustainable living and fair wages. Good for the globe and perfect for the spirit of bohemian living.

JadeCrate surprise boxes are quality tested, focus group approved and offer appeal in the areas of fashion accessories, home décor, and other unique consumable products. We help inform you about brands new to the market, new or existing fair trade and global artisans, by providing you a mix of unique and quality made products every month.

We are lifelong bohemians who think inside each great monthly boho subscription box. Our goal to ensure the bohemian spirit of each box is filled with worldly chic items that are practical, consumable, and unique. Whether your bohemian style and spirit is every day, weekend, or special occasions, JadeCrate boho boxes will give you the best items to incorporate into your home, office, wardrobe, and feed your inner hippie too.

Our Story

As early as 1991, we began our journey seeking to find things to bring us closer to a point of one with nature, one at peace, and being fearless in our life's journey.  As past corporate executives and business owners, we both traveled extensively.  Culture is as much a part of our lives as the air we breathe. Along the way in our travels, we discovered, there is a beautiful world filled with wonder, mystery, and a chance to help ourselves and others too. In 2016, we began connecting the dots with fair trade, international and US distributors, organic food suppliers, and natural skin care providers, to create what is now, JadeCrate. 

We welcome you to what we have tagged as the best boho subscription box on the market, and our promise to you, it's not just "a subscription box" it's a box to add value to your boho lifestyle, ensuring you grow in your bohemian journey while helping out some awesome folks all over the world.  


Amanda and Mike Stirn (and Mardi the Office Dog)

Founders of JadeCrate and Life-Long Bohemians