What is boho? Really?

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What is Boho? Really?  It is referenced in signs, magazines,  TV, the internet, it’s endless.  For us, it is sometimes maddening when we are doing market and content research, even product research.  Not all things quoted as being bohemian are, especially when the entire focus of articles is all about jewelry.  Yes, we love accessories, but there is more to it than possessions and the history goes back quite a ways. Some people think it’s all about the fashion, but it’s not.  There is an entire history related to boho-chic living.  We found this quick read blog by Fran at Anoukh and think you will enjoy it too.  Namaste!

What Does Boho Mean? A Quick Guide To The Boho Style | Anoukh & The Sea

What does Boho mean and how does the style look like. A quick guide to the history of boho fashion and bohemian interior design.  Terms like ‘Boho-Style’, ‘Boho-Fashion’ and ‘Boho-Interior’ are flooding our on-and offline world. But what essentially does ‘Boho’ mean and what look does it stand for? Boho is a short way of saying bohemian. Continue reading:  What does boho mean? A guide-to-boho-style.


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