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Urban living, modern living, you need live plants and this is the reason why

It’s over the top, it’s lively, this boho chic’s apartment is the ultimate in the boho look and feel. Let’s face it, New York is the concrete jungle, and unless you live with a few to Central Park, it would be a sure fire way to slip into a boho depression, especially in the winter. Model Summer Rayne Oakes (great bohemian name – love it) recorded a session to show-off her very green pad and since September 2016, the video has received 1,740,286 views, yes 1.7M views.  A warning though, you might want to skip reading all of the comments, some people are just downright mean and spiteful, which is not very boho now, is it?

I have to start with saying Summer’s kitchen was a little much with the vine plants, that would drive me nuts because I am a gourmet home chef, but for the most part, I can completely understand her style.  Please enjoy the video and continue reading below about benefits of house plants in your boho space.

So, to answer your question, here are some reasons why you need some live plants in your boho space…

  • Live plants increase oxygen levels in your home, helping you breathe better, but not all of them, stick with orchids, succulents, and epiphytic bromeliads, especially in bedrooms as other plants outside these families reverse photosynthesis at night and absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide, don’t suffocate yourself.
  • Avoid illness with live plants. Bayer Advanced, documented using plants in interior spaces decreases the incidence of dry skin, colds, sore throats and dry coughs. Be aware, plants create moisture, however, it’s clean moisture.  If you live in an arid climate, this is welcomed, but for muggy areas of US and abroad, this could create additional clamminess, to the effect you can toss yourself at a wall in your home in the summer months, stick to it briefly, and then slide down – yuck. Know your climate before trying to cram hundreds of plants into your home.
  • Plants really do clean the air, even NASA has had experiments in sealed environments to prove which ones remove toxins, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde, and NASA proved, it works, just be careful how many plants per square inch, NASA recommends one plant per 100 square feet.  There is a complete list at Mother Nature Network.
  • Plants will boost healing. Having a surgery, have a bout of the cold or flu?  Kansas State University has noted significant improvement in post op patients who are able to view plants during their recovery, so we are not making this up.
  • I know, we have to work (some maybe not), but if you have to work, put a plant in your space, maybe even a couple.  My favorites are the small succulent plants such as cactus so small they fit in a teardrop or other shaped fused glass container, which I can hang near my desk or in my window.  I have known this for years, plants bring us the feeling of being one with nature, which intern helps us with our productivity and concentration.  I mean really, why would you not want a small plant in your workspace?  In my mini cacti collection, they all have names, I care for them, and they are so small and cute, definitely good for my production and concentration, in some cases, helping with my demotivation which happens from time to time.

Fortunately, I live in S. Florida, so… we live outside year-round, surrounded by over 150 huge tropical plants and trees, literally, we have an enclosed jungle around the house.  However, I love live plants, I have few plants inside,  my mini succulent plants, Larry, Moe, and Curly. Peace!

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