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Spoiler Alert – Our private label body care surprise is on it’s way… for the October 2017 Boho Box

Yes, we had to slip at least one skin care item in the box.  As promised, there we will not load you up with a bunch of junk products.  In fact, we have spent the past 6-months testing creams, lotions, face tonics, from recognized manufacturers throughout the US, with a focus on using natural extracts.

What we can tell you about the product is… we’ll it’s a secret, but ok, we will divulge a little. The beauty product is made from almond, jojoba, and avocado natural oils and ideally, you want to apply it immediately after bathing or anytime skin feels dry (like in the fall and winter when our skin begins to resemble crinkle paper.  We tested several for the product line, and our focus group picked one they believed had the best luxurious hydrating effect, with a light scent, of which comes from the jojoba.

Why the focus on natural? Well – duh?  Do you really want to plop acidic skin eating, tree killing, wax coated (with the exception of beeswax), bi-product on your skin? No, that is absolutely not the boho way, or should it be for anyone.   JadeCrate and our focus groups specifically sought out natural and/or organic skin care manufacturers because in our opionion as boehmeians…natural and organic skin products are…

  • Earth Friendly
  • Reduce the chances of irritation to our skin  (yes all those nasty USDA approved chemicals in skin products, might lead to redness, breakouts, yuck!)
  • Low impact smell because instead of covering up chemical smells, the natural ingredients smell natural, are less nauseous, and can even double as a light dose of aromatherapy, which again – we love aromatherapy.

***Note, we are not medical doctors or scientists.  These tidbits are our opinion based on a compilation of research from multiple websites and magazines through the years.  With all products, read the label first for warnings, this goes for any product.

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