Poem in your pocket day

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I had no clue, another weird and wacky holiday, but very boho in nature.  Art and poetry, peas and carrots.  The shared information below is from Time and Date, a fun site for finding those wacky holidays, less stressful than Christmas.

Little facts…

It all started in New York City in 2003, by a partnership between the Office of the Mayor and the New York City Departments of Cultural Affairs and Education.

In 2008 the Academy of American Poets made the event a nationwide celebration encouraging people to be part of the poetry movement by writing, sharing, and just simply being inspired by poetry.  It is also a worldwide holiday where poetic lovers tote their poems or books of poetry around.  A great expression day for you if you are a writer and looking for a boho moment to be creative. Get to writing –  it’s therapeutic, fun, and all part of the celebration.

She is as wild as the wind and free as the air

She is beautiful

She embodies love

She is boho

Written by yours truly Enjoy this quirky national holiday.

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