Mindfulness Monday: Take a vacation any day

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How to take a vacation without taking time off work

“Vacation is all I ever wanted, vacation, how do I get away?” Remember the Go-Go’s.  One of their known hits from the 80’s, “Vacation,” striking home with overworked people everywhere.

Most of us work in some shape or form, in an office, at home, and yes stay at home moms work their butts off too.  Many of us are planning or dreaming of taking the perfect vacation to lull us into a utopia of happiness.  The term vacation can imprison our thinking and inhibit everyday joy. We believe to “vacation” we must embark on preparing first. All of these steps must take place before we allow ourselves to be on vacation.  Preparation includes saving money and taking time off, physically checking out of work, and traveling far distances to give ourselves a break. We set up the preconceived notions of what we see as a vacation and the need to have a massive plan in place to allow ourselves a break. So we hope this little segment sets you free.  Mind over matter is essential here because some of us are unable to go away on a big excursion.  Stop over thinking and start your holiday, any day.

With a little creativity and mindfulness, you can call anytime and space you create for yourself a vacation.  Try making a date with a friend, go out to the country, a walk to the park, or spend the afternoon curled up with a good book and tell your inner flower child, this is your mental or physical vacation, your holiday. These outings or short getaways are a time you have appointed to enjoy yourself in nature, in the company of friends, or wherever your vacation takes you. Like what you have read?  Download our newly published, free eBook, A 7-Step Guide to the Bohemian Lifestyle here.

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