Mindfulness Monday – Kick off yours shoes and go barefoot in the grass

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If you have a chance this week, stand or walk barefoot in the grass.

Being mindful means sometimes we need some help getting our mind to still the noise of the day. The ritual of standing barefoot in the grass is an exercise my life coach taught me many, many years ago. We had to be creative to find a simple way for me to cope with anxiety.  The other challenge included finding time after a long day working for a then a large corporation.

The exercise was so simple, I laughed and said, “no way, this will not work.”  I was wrong.  I took her advice one day, walked outside to my backyard, with the intent to kick off my shoes (and hose), stand on a plush, grassy area near my roses,  and curl my toes into the green earth.  I spent time imagining my toes were my fingers, and I only focused on all of the sensory elements, damp, cold, the swosh sound each time I curled my toes, the smell of dirt, and a few breaths to deflate the day.  Up until the winter started, I did the exercise daily for about 3 minutes after working a very stressful day, and it helped me refocus for the evening ahead. In the winter, I kept a plus shag carpet in my studio to simulate grass. So when you can do this during times of stress, anger, anxiety, step outside and let nature take over.  Like what you have read?  Download our newly published, free eBook, A 7-Step Guide to the Bohemian Lifestyle here.

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