Mindfulness Monday: Find the beauty

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Mindfulness Monday: Find the beauty

What you see influences how you feel, think, and even future actions.  This week try to focus your thoughts on something of beauty, it could be a fond memory or physically stopping to look at a beautiful sunrise.  Stay in the moment for a moment or two to draw your attention toward positive vibes.  Like what you have read?  Download our newly published, free eBook, A 7-Step Guide to the Bohemian Lifestyle here.

About JadeCrate:  JadeCrate is both a subscription and gift box business with our core principals and foundational beliefs centered in bohemian living both physically and mentally. Our boxes are filled each month with products catering to your inner flower child.  They include a mix of boho chic styled accessories, décor, natural skin care, artisan teas, fair-trade wares, and organic snacks. In addition to great goods, each box includes positive vibes with insider tips on bohemian living, recipes, and exercises to help you get through the month with a smile.  Find out more today at www.jadecrate.com and enter BOHOCHIC15 at checkout for 15% off your first single box order with us.

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