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About the recently shipped JadeCrate March Box 2018

When selecting our jewelry at JadeCrate, we love finding new groups to work with.  In February, we were introduced to Comparte, specifically their Santiago Jewelry Market line.  This unique jewelry is made of fused glass creating a mandala glass jewelry design ($50 retail value on just the Jewelry last month).  We started with a small order to inspect each piece and found, each one was completely different from the next, reflecting hand-made quality as well as individuality.

Fair-trade, Handmade Mandala Glass Jewelry


Comparte Artisan – Santiago, Chile

The true match for us was the branding for the sets labeled “Jewelry as unique as you” which is part of the JadeCrate motto – a box as unique as you are.   We committed to a full purchase at the end of February for our March box and were extremely pleased with the sets, in fact, we included the set in both the JadeCrate boho box as well as the pico boxes, which required a bigger box (literally a bigger box) for our Pico fans.

At JadeCrate, we enjoy sharing the stories about all of the organizations we work with in fair-trade.  Part of the box is the joy of receiving it as much as the education about the positive vibes when buying fair-trade items. Comparte came to the top for our feature this month because they work with a multitude of artisans in their region.  Their focus is on training for both business operations as well as art and craft designs.  We strongly support artisans having both a business sense and hands-on creative assistance to create new artistic forms.

Comparte is a nonprofit Chilean trading organization. In Spanish, “comparte” means “to share.” Comparte works to improve the standard of living of disadvantaged craftspeople. Based in Santiago, Chile’s capital city, Comparte markets products for a variety of artisan groups. In addition to conducting regional workshops, Comparte provides training, organizational assistance and marketing and design services to these groups.

Comparte sees a vital link between artisans, their stories and skills and the individuals who buy and appreciate their work. The organization supports fair trade principles and their power to create a better world.

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