Just in… The Pico Boho Box by JadeCrate – A Smaller Box of Boho Goodies

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That’s right, JadeCrate has now launched the JadeCrate “Pico Boho Box” – yeh, it’s cute, but it’s really for those who just want some of the boho jewelry, accessories, and a bonus item from the big box, it may be organic munchies or natural skin care – again a surprise.  It’s still pretty cool, and pico perfect.  $25 shipping included.  Get your Pico Boho Box by JadeCrate at www.jadecrate.com.  Cheers – Live Wild, Live Free, Live Boho! #JadeCrate

Pictures are NOT exactly what you are getting, just an example from our growing inventory, and we will try to always include a Free Trade item, because Free Trade Rocks! @FreeTrade


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