JadeCrate is in the Path of Hurricane Irma

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Due to the #HurricaneIrma, we will be closed for the duration of the storm as our offices are located in SW Florida and pretty much right in the impact zone. We are unsure of the extent of what the impact will be but we are in the pink area and are anticipating damage as  Irma lands as a category 4, with storm winds kicking in as late as Friday evening and full impact to our area as early as Saturday afternoon. Please keep Florida, just like Texas in your prayers. Thank you to all of the new fans and support (yes, we have our boxes in storage, please do subscribe – we are going to need all the help we can get). Amanda Stirn, CEO, Founder of JadeCrate www.jadecrate.com. (Cape Coral, FL). Updates to follow so long as we have WiFi.

Last note, with this all said I am looking at all the boxes, jewelry tonight wrapped in double plastic,  on tables and shelves, in storage areas, and literally left to do nothing but pray, just like 100’s of thousands of other businesses in South Florida.  I guess in closing, no time is a good time for a hurricane, but for us, it’s been melancholy at best this week as we decided September to be the perfect month to launch it.  Who knew?  Until the next time, be safe, peace.  Amanda


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