JadeCrate Book Find of the Month: Hurricane Season (Fiction)

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Hurricane Season by Lauren Denton ~

My sister and I were together during Irma, in SW Florida, which leads to this impulsively purchased fiction book, I did not regret.

You may be shocked, I purchased the book “Hurricane Season” for summer reading recently and finished it.  I am a sucker for a southern novel, being I have traveled and lived in the south a portion of my life.  The other sell point was the highlights; two sisters are in the midst of a hurricane on the Alabama coast.  The book had a sold sign on it, hands down, Amazon Prime, purchased in 1-click, paperback.

I know, that word paperback may be foreign to a few of you. However, there is something about the feel of paper and the uninterrupted reading at the beach and out on my lanai. I do own a Kendle which saves a tree, but sometimes, I break down. I detest reading from my iPad due to notifications, which I have to admit, I am too lazy to turn on and off, only to read.  My first recommendation for reading this summer, if you are sitting out at the lake, in the backyard, even in your living room, try a paperback novel.  Getting lost between the pages and being disconnected from electronics will do wonders for your brain, yes brain.  We encourage you to unplug this summer with a great fiction paperback novel, this one, Hurricane Season by Lauren Denton, I am recommending.

The book is a fast read, all 393 pages and it keeps a good pace without too many lulls.  You will fall in love with both Betsy and Jenna with all of their personality nuances; you will fall more in love the story of Betsy and Ty.  If you have kids, a sister, and have made it through the hurricane of life together, you might enjoy this book. Not to mention, it’s on the Alabama coastline, which if you have not visited it lately, you should.  An excellent get away with great southern hospitality.

Until next month.  Enjoy your journey and reading too.



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