Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

May your day be filled with Irish ale, good food, friends, and fortune.  Happy Saint Patty’s Day from our tribe at JadeCrate

Really, I am Irish – My Husband Is Buying Me Dinner and Drinks Tonight!

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Poem in your pocket day…boho indead

I had no clue, another weird and wacky holiday, but very boho in nature.  Art and poetry, peas and carrots.  The shared information below is from Time and Date, a fun site for finding those wacky holidays, less stressful than Christmas.

Little facts…

It all started in New York City in 2003, by a partnership between the Office of the Mayor and the New York City Departments of Cultural Affairs and Education.

In 2008 the Academy of American Poets made the event a nationwide celebration encouraging people to be part of the poetry movement by writing, sharing, and just simply being inspired by poetry.  It is also a worldwide holiday where poetic lovers tote their poems or books of poetry around.  A great expression day for you if you are a writer and looking for a boho moment to be creative. Get to writing –  it’s therapeutic, fun, and all part of the celebration.

She is as wild as the wind and free as the air

She is beautiful

She embodies love

She is boho

Written by yours truly Enjoy this quirky national holiday.

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Llama Mamma

I adore llamas.  I know they spit, but at least the ones on cookie jars don’t.  Here is a pic of me in my February JadeCrate tassel coin necklace with my new llama cookie jar, hence Llama Mama and at least neither the cookie jar or I spit. LOL – Enjoy. You can find these jars at some Target stores or search Amazon if you are into the llama thing and all that.  If you like boho tasseled jewelry – you need to subscribe to JadeCrate. 

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Spring into spring – Bring in positive boho living vibes.

Spring into spring the bohemian way!

Little things you can do to help bring positive boho living vibes your way.

At JadeCrate, when we talk about positive vibes, especially positive, boho living vibes, sometimes all you need is a quick cleaning and re-organization of a space.  Springtime is perfect for decluttering and reconfiguring living areas.

I know, cleaning, the bad word for some of us, which means, something unfun, unless you make it fun. I see it as an opportunity to rejuvenate. Pick a spot, just one eye-sore in your home to be scrubbed and re-organized. The area could be your office, a hallway or entrance, even your desk, just pick an area.

Remove everything you can, wipe down surface area, floors. If you are going for a full room scrub down, remember to wipe down ceiling lights and/or fans.

The fun part of cleaning is the chance to create that boho living space just for you. Before moving everything back, ask yourself “how else can I re-tool this space to make it brighter, happier, and maybe even repurpose it into a niche area for my time?”  If you start realizing, you have more stuff in the removal pile than what you want to return to the newly cleaned space, maybe it’s time to give that space a breather and keep it fresh, with clear clutter free areas. If you have a box of clutter when you have set up your space, consider donating it to charity.

When planning to rearrange and change your space or room, great boho vibe additions include house plants, colorful pillows or pillow covers, throw rugs, any décor fashioned to create the mood you want to create for your space. Do a walk around your home to see if you already have items to redecorate this newly cleaned space.

In my case, I found a runner in another area of my home that I found was better suited my studio space. In the dining area, I rediscovered two hand painted wood serving bowls from India, which belonged on a shelf on display rather than in a cabinet.  I also took a walk outside to see what plants I could possibly bring in for some vibrant natural color and ended up with a few succulent plants.  All these changes cost little more than a dose of hard work and a few cups of coffee for motivation.

I also discovered a homemade cleaner that really cleans up window grime as well as glass.  This glass cleaner worked excellent on the windows inside and outside.   Cleaning recipe provided by www.thespruce.com. *They did mention to be careful not to use on reactive surfaces.*

In a spray bottle combine the following, shake well, spray, wipe, and watch the surface shine.

  • 1 cup rubbing alcohol
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 tablespoon vinegar

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The Owl Couple – Be part of nature – just open your eyes!

Boho living happens when you open your eyes and realize they were closed for so long. Hence, the story of the Owl Couple.

A few weeks ago, I was sitting out back with my husband, enjoying an adult beverage, and it was a chilly evening in Florida, starting to drop into the 60’s (I know – this is cold if you live here).  Anyway, we kept hearing this odd bird call, nothing like the mockingbirds, doves, wild canaries, or blue jays which nest in our little boho oasis.  My husband finally goes out to explore and swears he sees an owl couple in our areca palms (our natural fence line – it’s a beast that survived hurricane Irma).

I thought, well, we have no area for burrowing owls and really, two?  About an hour goes by and I go out to explore and there she was, just a little gal, no bigger than my hand.  I was so amazed at the beauty.  I also realized we had heard that sound for quite some time, but because we fail to stop, listen, and observe our surroundings due our busy day, she was probably a frequent visitor all along.

As the afternoon starts to fade into dusk, I head back out and right in front of me, the little girl was perched more toward the outside branches.  Out of the areca palms, the mate swoops down, quickly mates and they fly off together.  I sat, in complete awe of what I had just witnessed.  I have painted owls as a general subject matter for a decade and have never seen a sight like this.  At this point, I think, they will fly off and nest somewhere on the golf course nearby.

This week, they are still here and just adorable.  I was able to capture a picture of them showing affection and snuggling this afternoon right before sunset.  They are so cute.

The lesson to this story is if I had not stopped, listened, been open-minded and unwound out of my proverbial business head, I would have missed everything. Another reason why we started our company was to share the beauty of bohemian living.  Stop, look, listen and a world of wonder will be in front of you without even leaving your space.  We believe the couple is now nesting here and we hope to see some owlets soon.  Stay tuned.

For more stories like this, subscribe at www.bohoboxsubscription/blog or follow us online at our website www.jadecrate.com .  Live Free, Live Wild, Live Boho

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A Whole New JadeCrate in April – Join the JadeCrate Tribe

That’s Right – We had to increase the size of the box to hold bigger boho items.  New boxes were just ordered and will arrive in time for April deliveries.  We typically sell out each month – you will want to grab your box early, especially with this announcement. 

To celebrate all these great changes,  we are offering free, flat rate shipping on your first subscription box order ($7.95 value).  Must be a subscription. Valid for Continental US Delivery Only.
Enter code: NEW2JADECRATE  at checkout.
Only applicable towards subscriptions only. One time buys and gift boxes are excluded.


So here are some of the great changes and upgrades, including a NEW website!

So there you go, our big announcements for March.  Spoiler alerts and reminders coming out next week as we countdown to the final ordering days.  Cutoff date to receive your April box is March 31, midnight, EST.

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