Fun Facts – September is

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Yes, the fun begins in September with celebrating all of the national celebration days including…

Hispanic Heritage Month, International Square Dancing, National Courtesy, Piano, Potato, Preparedness, Self Improvement, and Suicide Prevention month.

From the perspective of boho living, we have summed it up pretty well.

Enjoy a taco or two with french fries, while square dancing to folk-style piano music, be courteous to others and be prepared for anything to happen while living wild and free, in your life journey.Try to find ways to continually create meaningful self-improvement, both inside and out, and try not to kill yourself trying to be everything to all people, it’s impossible. Be fearless in your journey, live free, live wild, live boho.

Really, when you think about it, we should celebrate every day in our life, this might mean being simply happy we made it to another day or just being during any one moment during the day.  In this instance, I would be very happy to crash my healthy lifestyle living, for a Mahi Mahi taco or better yet a big basket of fries, both are fun comfort food when eaten in moderation.  As for the square dancing, not so much, I would dance to some great folk piano and guitar music in my front room, or more than likely strike some yoga poses just to clear my mind.  Personally, when it comes to self-improvement, I always spend a few moments each day thinking of things I can do to keep a clean mind, clean spirit while growing.  In today’s world of constant chatter, static noise, disruption, it is sometimes next to impossible, but I keep trying…because – it’s about the journey, not the destination. Like this article, continue reading others at

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