Bohemian Attitudes and Actions A Fresh Perspective

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Bohemianism – The Debunking Of Old Misconceptions

In my research in the study of early bohemians of the European culture to today’s modern boho, I found another read bringing some light on the subject.  Albeit, the writer of the article was not using Word or Grammarly, so I noticed a ton of errors when reading, but the content is good. Specifically, I wanted to find an article clearly showing, the boho movement has several levels, ranging from successful business owners, employees, to those who kind of just floating along, but all of the classes resonate peace and life balance, with a deep appreciation for the arts, poetry, and music.  When I started reading one excerpt from the article I had quite a chuckle thinking about a character from a movie, who came to mind right away.  Excerpt reads:

All the bohemians are not going to be successful in their actions, although they may have a very bohemian attitude. Thus, talent level does not necessarily correlate with the level of bohemian lifestyle and associated habits. Some people end up just leading Bohemian lives without becoming great “some ones” (like great innovators or admired artists).

The first person who comes to mind is “The Dude” from The Big Lebowski.  Happy, free living (even if from paycheck to paycheck), he was genuinely laid back, not necessarily lazy, but his attitude was he could live exactly with what he had and be happy.  This is not the lifestyle I am focusing on per say, but worth the laugh for me to think about some hilarious scenes in the cult movie classic.

Some other tidbits from the article link I am sharing really focuses on lifestyles and attitudes.  There is no one size, fits all, in the definition of bohemian.  It’s a mix of conventional and unconventional lifestyles, for example, you can have a New Your high rise apartment with full Boheme decore, maybe your job allows you the freedom in your fashion, and you pay attention to your health even going so far as to unearth your car from your apartments underground garage, drive through hours of traffic, in a quest to seek out a farmers market in your area for your edibles.  For some of those hard working boho executives and employees, their get away weekend is driving to the country or carpooling with friends to be a flea market queen (or king). Essentially, you work hard, but playing hard is not a mandatory part of the equation. You have your own place, are centered, but your style and attitude are in balance with your workplace and home.

Another perspective is those living off the grid and more recently gaining popularity, living in tiny homes.  A lot of these down to earth folks wanted to simplify their lifestyle, they are minimalist, and have the where with all to move the home to greener pastures when the mood strikes them to do so. (We have an upcoming article on this coming soon).  So in this case, some of these people have jobs or are retired, in fact, a few retired early and take in a modest income so they can be to explore the wide open spaces where our spirit can find peace.  Yes, I love the tiny houses videos and actually considered maybe spending part of the year in my boho bungalow and the other part down by the ocean in an A-frame mini camper (with air conditioning).

I am only providing a few examples of the different levels of boho living, there so many sub levels, it’s laughable.  Ideally, I don’t care what people think about my Birkenstock, one-size fits all clothing, turquoise jewelry wearing, folk listening self because the point is, it’s my lifestyle, I love it, I own it. However, people who do not understand boho living or urban hippies may refer to us modern day bohos with very degrading rhetoric, which needs to stop, so I usually open my big mouth with “It’s a lifestyle, much better than yours”. With all of this said, I am sharing with you a 2011 article (yes it is still relevant) for you to read about old assumptions about what bohemian lifestyles are, boho attitudes, and behaviors trending over time, to basically where we are still at today.

Bohemian Attitudes and Actions



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