10 Tell-Tale Signs that Your Home Style Is Bohemian

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Bohemian Rooms

I found this great read with lots of images on bohemian rooms.  Originally, I started out looking for ideas to rejuvenate and bring in some positive vibes in my combo art studio and office, what my husband has since titled, “The Stoffice.”  There were some excellent images I found for all the different rooms in a house, including some very small spaces, like your bathroom.  I love the idea of having plants throughout the house, they clean the air, bring in an earthly scent, just plain and simply – they balance your home.  I have some upcoming articles on house plants later this month. 

Some key points in this post resonating with me where the call-outs to each style, all centered on a “laid back,” but not junky look.  Yes, if you are hoarding too much stuff in piles and stacks creating massive clutter, now would be the time to send some of those unused items to a local charity or have a charity themed yard sale with a BBQ and invite your friends to dump their goods off and raise money for several of your favorite charities. Yes, I am philanthropic by nature and worked in that field for several years and it was some of the most rewarding times of my life, and it’s a good way to celebrate National Courtesy month in September before autumn rears its red leaves and crisp air.

I will call out the 10 signs as shown courtesy of www.apartmenttherapy.com, but please visit their blog to see all of the amazing the images, they are pretty cool.

  1. Your favorite colors are tie-dye and suzani
  2. You haven’t seen an actual, honest-to-goodness floor since 2010
  3. You own more plants than furniture
  4. Morocco called the other day and they want all their ottomans, lanterns and pillows back. (OMG – I definitely fall into this category)
  5. You know that the only thing that works with pattern is another pattern
  6. You tie your shoelaces with macramé knots.
  7. You’ll embrace minimalism right after Elton John does. (loved this one – check out the picture of the room at apartment therapy, it was so funny)
  8. You have no idea where this “mall” is that everyone keeps talking about.
  9. You like your mattresses low, and your canopies high. (and my dog Mardi loves it too)

Read more and check out the images here.



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